World War Z – Day 2 of filming in Glasgow

Today was the second day of filming WWZ in Glasgow city center. Shooting has not started yet. Preliminary preparations for the shoot are still underway. Things have started to take shape with the gradual Americanization of the Scottish city.

American flags were placed atop some of the main buildings in George sq.

Corinthian Club adorns American flag

Army jeeps have also been brought in today to be used in the shoot.

Army Jeeps

Army Jeeps

Army Jeeps

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie along with their kids arrived to Glasgow today via Virgin Train. They reportedly hired the entire train to transport their family to Glasgow for filming of World War Z. Actual filming is expected to commence from tomorrow.

Below are some other random pics from the Day 2. Enjoy!

Hotdog stall

Philadelphia City Paper

Coffee street stall

Crew Vans

Americans Cars/Taxis lined up for the shoot

American Cop cars


Scottish Postbox concealed!

United States Court House

United States Court House

Americanish bus?


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