Hi there!

First of all thanks for checking out my blog and making it to the About Me page.

Let me start with an introduction of myself…

A Web Developer by profession and a photographer by passion!
Currently i’m stationed at Glasgow, U.K.

Before that i have worked in India and Middle East Region with leading IT companies.

I have been working in Information Technology (IT) field since the dawn of 2002.
My expertise is in developing Web-based applications. For the uninitiated (i.e. non-geeks), a web-based application is a software that runs in browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox with internet as a medium.

I have extensive knowledge in Web Development Technolgies & tools ranging from Open Source technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) to Microsoft technologies such as .NET, SQL Server, IIS and Windows Server 2003 and also some other general Web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, XML, Remote Scripting (aka AJAX) and DHTML

My first encounter with blogs was as late as somewhere in early 2004.

During this period i started with reading technology blogs of other Web developers to enhance and gain more deep and extensive knowledge about some of the happening technologies in Web Development and later on also started reading some leisure and personal blogs just for fun and time-pass!

This was also the period when Web 2.0 was gaining momentum and was the buzz word in Web Development and still continues to be so!

The Web 2.0 really attracted me as i knew it was the future. I got really interested in developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) and started reading lots of blogs daily which had started mushrooming with articles about Web 2.0 technologies of which AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) a.k.a Remote Scripting was the backbone.

These all things really inspired and motivated me to start my own blog. But due to me being a lazy bone, I kept on postponing it. Until one fine day i decided to give it a go and rest is history!

My main aim for starting this blog was to document and archive all the knowledge and experience which i come across during my work. This would also help other persons like me if they come across similar situations or problems.

Apart from being a Techno Geek, am also a Shutterbug – photography enthusiast.

In the future i would also blog about other non-technological aspects of my life, mainly Travel & Photography and about couple of my passions

I would try to keep my blog updated as frequently as possible.
So keep checking out my blog (or rather subscribe to my RSS feed!) and stay tuned for more!

UPDATE: I bought my first DSLR recently (Canon 550D) to satisfy my hunger for capturing more professional looking pictures.

Over n Out…

Geek Rider


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