IIS7 URLrewrite module

As usual with the Microsoft of lagging behind the rat-race ( oops…the internet-race!!), they have released the much awaited module for URL Rewriting for IIS 7.

URLrewrite module for IIS7

I have been using Apache’s mod_rewrite for past so many years and that was among one of the numerous features of “The Mighty Open source” webserver a.k.a Apache, that put the IIS to shame.

But i guess Microsoft is learning it’s lessons slowly.

Here’s the Walkthrough to create and test a set of rewrite rules for the URL rewrite module.

And guess what? IIS7’s URLrewrite module comes bundled with the functionality of importing Apache mod_rewrite Rules!

Import mod_rewrite rules

Now thats something a great news for cross platform web developers like me. I couldn’t have been happier! 🙂

It seems Microsoft is trying to win over the faith and support of open source community! 😉
Whatever their intentions may be, keep up the good work Microsoft and we all soon might start saying:

“i’m loving it…!!” 😉